What is WordPress & Why Use It

WordPress is a highly accessible open source content management system, employed on millions of websites. Its versatility allows it to meet diverse needs, and its user-friendly interface gives those with no programming background the power to manage a website’s day-to-day operations.

WordPress is a great choice for less intricate sites that don’t require any customized integrations or performance.

The platform is extremely flexible, granting great power within the content management system control panel.

WordPress offers a simple way of making wonderful, user-friendly websites, regardless of budget. Don’t let complexity stop you from having a fantastic website!.

If you have any ecommerce needs, WooCommerce could be the answer. It has all the flexibility you’d expect from WordPress and a variety of premade integrations to simplify matters, like payment services or email providers. Shoppers find it a breeze with a straightforward checkout and useful product filters.

What We Can Create With WP

When it comes to creating the type of Website you require, we have you covered. 

Our team of WordPress experts won’t just design and develop your website, they can develop the necessary plugins needed to add any particular functionality you require.

Over the years we have created many different types of websites from the simple brochure sites to complex e-commerce, classified listings, and job portals by using the power of WordPress.

In addition to developing plugins we also have an extensive library of available plugins available through our library, which means that we can half the development time of your website if such plugins cater for your needs.

You can also check out plugins that are available for sale through our website.

In short we are WordPress Experts and can deliver what ever the project is.

Got Several Sites

No problem

You’ve no doubt heard of WordPress’s wide range of templates that can be used as a starting point for your website. But why not make your own? That’s exactly what we do for alot of clients and one client in particular is Elite Group Solutions LTD.

The company has a portfolio of 10 businesses across the south of England. We designed and developed their first website, Trojan Security, from scratch, taking care to get it exactly right. Once it was spot on, they then used it as a template for all the other businesses within their group, actually building their own websites with our support in the background.

The advantages of this are twofold. Firstly, the group gets a distinctive and unique look and feel, but one which is consistent across their whole portfolio. Secondly, all the subsequent sites were produced quickly, as the lion’s share of the development work was already done by us.

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Our experience will help you achieve your target goal whether that is increased ROI or cutting edge website.

Our team consists of individuals that are skilled in all facets of the internet and this shows through the quality of our work.

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Experienced Specialists

Our team is both experienced and knowledgeable. We ensure that your business needs are handled and executed in a timely manor and this can only be achieved by having the correct people on our team.




Our Support

We understand that supporting our clients is an essential part of all work we undertake and therefore once completed we stand by all our clients in achieving their business objectives through web based technologies.




Our Attitude

One of the main aspects that sets us apart from our competitors and why we have been operating within the web technologies sector for the past 20 years is our attitude and approach to each client both old and new.


Your convenience is our priority which is why we are always there for our clients

Personal Account Manager

Each and everyone of our clients is always assigned with their own personal account manager.

Always Reachable via Whatsapp

Each and everyone of our clients can reach us through the special whatsapp business app.

24/7 Online E-Mail Support

We make sure that each client can alway reach us through our dedicated email support service.

how we work



Our project managers act as a focal point for all your project-related needs. Project managers are involved in the entire project life-cycle to plan, organise, control and deploy key milestones, deliverable according to your goals. All projects are supervised by our CTO, who is responsible for processes audit and enforcement, as well as for measurement of existing processes against established metrics and process improvements analysis and implementation.



Transparency enables both you and us to see at a glance, whether we are on track to meet the goals or are blocked on one or more directions, and eliminate these blockers before they cause difficulties, which is why right at the project launch we agree with you on a communication plan tailored to your needs to work on different levels – from core team members to management and all stakeholders that are involved in any given project we undertake and complete.



Here at Acorn Web Studio we pay special attention to the discovery phase to ensure that the final product fully meets your expectations. Our Business Analysts define easier ways to attain what you need, while Project Managers identify the most suitable development methodology and cooperation model, as well as assemble the most effective project team, and the tech experts work on technical feasibility and select the most efficient technologies and frameworks to undertake your project.

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